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Versaspa™, a revolutionary sunless tanning system that will bronze, hydrate, and smooth your skin in minutes!

Features include a wide-open interior design, an easy to breathe purification system, and comfort-dry technology. Customize your tan! Add the PH prep hydration spray and the anti-aging moisturizing spray for a longer lasting and overall even tan!

Did you know?    
A cocktail tan is the most effective way of gaining immediate color!
A cocktail tan is a combination of a UV tan followed immediately by a VersaSpa session. Sunbed tanning uses UV rays to trigger melanin production, open your pores, and allow the VersaSpa solution to penetrate your skin. This produces a darker, deeper, and longer-lasting tan!


 Did you know?    
You can spray tan just your face or just your legs?


Classic Bronzer - Immediate Color!

Sun-kissed at the Beach Color!

Level 1 - Light Bronzer
Level 2 - Medium Bronzer
Level 3 - Very Dark Bronzer

*NEW* Clear Plus Bronzer - Just off the Beach Glow!

No Bronzers or Instant Color. Delivers a potent blend of vitamins
and antioxidants to boost your skin's appearance!

*NEW* Mediterranean Beach - An exotic Mediterranean Color! 

An exotically inspired formula containing violet and brown bronzers, the color works with all skin tones to produce the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet!

*NEW* Pro Competition Black Out - For Seriously Dark Tan!

Developed specifically for competition and stage use

You've trained endless hours, carefully fueling and working your body from the inside, and now it’s time for your outer color to SHINE! Step on the stage with confidence. Forged for a first place finish, Black Out combines the latest in sunless technology with high science for total golden success. It’s time for Judgement, are you armed to win?

Diamond VersaSpa Cocktail Package

A UV Tan session to open pores, a Deluxe Spray Tan
, Amplifying
Boost Gel, and a take home Performance Lotion Packet. Robe Provided.



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