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Frequently Asked Questions

UV Beds

If I don't tan outdoors, will I be able to tan in a UV bed?

If you do not tan from the sun, you will not get color in a UV bed. However, our VersaSpa can give you a beautiful bronze tan without any UV exposure.

Do indoor tanning lotions really work?

Yes! High quality tanning lotions stimulate melanin's rise to the surface of your skin. As melanin encounters UV light, it browns. The more melanin that reaches the skin's surface, the deeper and darker the tan. A quality indoor tanning lotion also promotes the retention of moisture, thereby keeping your skin smooth and supple. Moist skin minimizes
flaking and prolongs your tan. DO NOT wear SPF in an indoor tanning unit unless you are specifically trying NOT to
tan in that area! Experts consider lotion to be 60% of your tan.

Do I have to wear eye protection?

Yes, it is required by the Colorado Health Department. FDA approved eyewear is available for the UV beds. You can also buy your own eyewear at the front desk. 

What do I wear in the tanning bed?

Each tanning bed is in a private room, so wear whatever you like, or nothing at all.

Are the beds sanitized?

Yes, we use FDA approved pH disinfecting solution after every tanning session. Our pH neutral solution acts as a cleanser, sanitizer, deodorizer, fungicide, virucide, and mildewstat. Wow!

How often do you change the bulbs?

Following the manufacturer's guidelines, we change the bulbs when they have reached 80% of their UV capacity so your tanning session doesn't suffer. 

What is Cocktail Tanning?

Cocktail tanning is using a UV bed followed immediately by a spray tan session. UV tanning triggers melanin production, opens up your pores, and allows the spray tan solution to more deeply penetrate your skin. The results are a deeper, darker, and longer lasting tan! Robes provided.

Spray Tanning

What is spray tanning?

The VersaSpa employs an amazing spray process that applies a bronze tanning mist to the entire body (or just the face or legs if you prefer). The VersaSpa's Pro Bronzing solution uses the body's magnetic properties to attract the tanning solution to the exposed skin surface. After your session is complete, towel off, dress, and exit. You will have an even, natural looking tan!

What is Amplifier Gel / Intensifier Gel?

Amplifier Gel is a gel that you apply before you Cocktail or Spray Tan. Amplifier Gel works for both UV and Spray Tanning. It is ideal for Cocktail Tanning since it is designed to open your pores, and give you a deep dark tan. Infused with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, and Avocado Oil, Amplifier Gel is a key element for advanced development of your Spray Tan. Used before each tan, Amplifier Gel will increase the depth and color of your Spray Tan, as well as accelerate your tan's development time.

What should I wear in the VersaSpa?

Most tanners do not wear clothes in the booth. However, if you'd like to wear a bathing suit or underwear, be advised that the tanning solution may stain your clothes. Guys, banana packages are available to cover your fruit.

Won't I look orange when I'm done?

No!! The VersaSpa is an amazing spray tanning system! You are guaranteed to have great results and an even, natural looking bronze tan! Older spray tan systems resulted in an "orange effect," and were not well ventilated. The VersaSpa uses state of the art technology and expensive bronzers to tan your skin - and is fully ventilated! Each spray session is also followed by a drying session....enjoy!

What about my eyes?

Most tanners simply close their eyes as the spray crosses their face. VersaSpa tanning mist has been tested by third-party labs, and shows no eye or skin irritation. Goggles are available if you prefer.

What if I inhale the spray tan solution?

The VersaSpa is fully ventilated. DHA is a non-hazardous tanning solution that causes no adverse reactions in tanning room sessions. Nose filters are available if you prefer. However, no one should purposely inhale the solution.

What about my hair?

We provide shower caps for your hair free for each tanning session. Some customers tan without the shower cap. The tanning mist does not penetrate the hair follicle, is water soluble, and will easily wash out. 

What about toweling off and dressing?

Toweling off will not streak your tan. For the first few minutes, we recommend blotting the towel against the skin versus direct rubbing off. Clean towels are provided for each session. You can get dressed right away!

How long should I wait to shower? 

To give your tan enough time to fully set, we recommend a miminum of 8 hours after tanning. 12 hours is ideal for maximum penetration of the bronzer. When you shower, some of the cosmetic bronzer will wash off - this is normal. What is left is a beautiful, sunless tan!

What about swimming?

Swimming in water with chlorine or salt water will dry your skin and cause your tan to fade faster.

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